Mobile Broadband Internet Service for Light Users

I have an Acer netbook for over three years and I finally decided to purchase a mobile broadband internet.
Since I need for such a device would be temporary, I was looking for a service that wouldn't require any requirements when availing internet connection.
Then I choose a mobile broadband internet service, it is an economical in terms of internet plans that would not have any high cost initially.
Mobile broadband internet service seemed to be fit with the requirements that I've been looking for even with its cost.
Well, I had a DSL internet connection in our home, but since I am always on a travel, I have to subscribe to this, but also to see if I could save a lot of money less than having a DSL internet connection since I had only a minimal usage of internet.
As a first time user of mobile broadband internet, it is very easy to install to my laptop and it never had a long time just to install it.
The mobile broadband internet service itself seems to work fine, I was able to do watching or streaming with a little bit of buffering.
It was really expected for a mobile broadband internet to have little bit buffering since it is only running by a mobile broadband card like a sim card of a cell phone, despite of this, I could tell that mobile broadband internet service run as smoothly as compare to my DSL internet connection.
Mobile broadband internet is a device like a USB that can be attached easily to whichever laptop you wish to have connected.
I was so happy with this mobile broadband internet service it comes so handy and in just a few seconds, plugs it and play.
I am now using this when I was travelling, it seems very convenient for me to use in different places even in rural areas.
I am very satisfied with mobile broadband internet service, well as, I observed, it does work for only a little bit of data usage like emails, or surfing in the internet, but it's not really recommended for those who are playing online games because it is not really what you are needed.
Mobile broadband internet service is only for those who need to have a handy internet service, but I don't think that it can be replaced for a home internet connection.
With its speed, it is only for a very light internet user like me.